What’s this?

The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online introduces two hacking minigames, one of them being the fingerprint scanner. To maximize your take, you have to be fast. Use this simulator to practice – outside the heist, without the loading screens, on your phone!

There are 4 fingerprints in total. For each fingerprint, tap/click on the 4 elements (parts, segments) that make up the fingerprint.

Difference between Normal and Hard?

Hard leaves you to select the correct 4 elements without looking at each fingerprint. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll manage. This is how you hack the fastest in the actual heist!

These two modes do not exist in the actual heist.

Need additional tools?

I’ve not been playing GTA Online since 2020. If you have questions or suggestions on other tools to make, reach out to me via hi@johan.li.