Hi! My name is Johan Li, and I’m a software developer.

Owing to my childhood, a couple of things define me as a person:

  • The interest in language and presentations. I spoke three languages growing up, as I was raised in Sweden, by Chinese parents, while attending an English-speaking elementary school.
  • The desire to teach. Mom and dad, and my grandparents have all worked in education. While it runs in the family, I suspect mine was born out of arrogance – thinking I could do better than my teachers.
  • A passion for technology and computers. During my upbringing, I was a loner: no siblings, no relatives, and childhood friends who relocated abroad. Matters worsened as I switched to a Swedish-speaking school in a posh neighborhood, and had difficulties relating to my classmates, who were non-immigrants. To escape the thought of feeling different, I spent a lot of time reading and programming.

Now, all grown up, I’ve gradually come to realize I want to combine these interests, in addition to being a software developer. Hence, I’ve started to write and speak about software to share knowledge and spark discussion.